Gaming Broadband Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any questions about our gaming broadband then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Technical Questions

As an ISP we have many direct peering agreements with many different providers. We have direct peering arrangements with Steam, Blizzard, Twitch, Xbox, Azure, AWS and actively engage with other network architects to ensure that our routes are optimised for gameplay.
Latency is the time it takes for a packet of data to reach your gaming server and return. It is measured as ping and the results returned in milliseconds. The lower the ping the better your gameplay will be. Be careful of jitter though as this has a big effect on gameplay. If you are seeing 15ms to your gaming server but are seeing periods of higher ping then this indicates a jittery line and is normally down to the quality of your line (if you’re a ADSL2 or FTTC subscriber) or your ISP. If you are not seeing jitter at 4am but are seeing it during peak times then this is an indication that you are suffering congestion when your ISP has too many people and not enough capacity. This might be by accident or deliberately depending on their commercial model.
Latency while gaming is best measured using the indicators in your game. These are designed to help as most gaming servers keep well hidden on the Internet to stop attackers trying to take them off line so may not respond to more classic 'ping' and 'traceroute' commands. If you think your latency is too high, please contact our Helpdesk and an engineer will investigate with you.
We can migrate you from Sky to us but this will involve us moving your Sky telephone line to us. Don’t worry, you will keep the same number but you will lose any Sky phone packages that you may have. In the case of Virgin Media we would need to provision a new phone line (for FTTC).
FTTP is a pure fibre product. Fibre is run from the exchange to a termination box (ONT) in your home. At the moment you can get up to 330Mb/s down but speeds of 500Mb/s and 1000Mb/s are coming. Our core network is connected at 100Gb so we are already ready for FTTP.
FTTC delivers fibre to one of the familiar green street cabinets with the “last leg” delivered to your home over copper. FTTC is still a great product and delivers speeds of up to 80Mb/s down and up to 20Mb/s up. The quality and the length of the copper between your home and the street cabinet influence your broadband speeds / experience with FTTC.

Support Questions

We supply a fully configured broadband router with all our connections but we are more than happy to help and advise you on how to set up your own router.
It normally takes about 14 working days to move to us. This is the same for new installs.

Account Questions

Yes – we supply a fully configured router. You just need to plug it in!
Yes you can. If you are using your own router on our CityFibre service it must be capable of having VLAN tag/id 911 applied to the WAN port. The connection type is PPPoE and we will provide you with your login credentials. You don't need to specify DNS as that is provided automatically. You can use alternative DNS servers if you choose.
Yes. You have a 14 day cooling off period, from the date of order, where you can cancel your order without being charged.
We hope you never have to complain. We hope that the service we provide you exceeds your expectations. If you do have a complaint please email and this will be picked up by Helpdesk and escalated to the appropriate person to deal with.

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